[:es]Voting Website Is Enabled in Ecuador[:]


Quito, Dec 26 .-The National Electoral Council of Ecuador (CNE) has made a website available to voters to verify the place of suffrage, in the face of the popular consultation and referendum scheduled for February 4.


The data required to obtain this information is the ID number and the names and surnames, which gives access to a code, the CNE states.

In the digital portal, you can also know if a person is a member of one of the Voting Receiving Boards, which will have a total of 243,623 members, the Chief Counselor, Luz Haro, told Prensa Latina.

For the consultation and referendum, the National Electoral Council decided to approve the participation of a total of 40 organizations that will campaign for one of the options: YES or NO, 16 of them political and 24 social organizations.

The consultation with the voters seeks to reform the Constitution on sensitive issues for the future of the country, according to statements by President Lenin Moreno.

Strengthening the fight against corruption, repealing the Surplus Law, eliminating indefinite re-election, the non-prescription of sexual crimes against minors; as well as metallic mining, oil exploitation in the Yasuní National Park and the cessation of the Council of Citizen Participation will be the topics on which the electorate will pronounce itself.

(Prensa Latina)