[:es]Evo Morales Inaugurates Publishing House of Plurinational State[:]


La Paz, Dec 26.- Bolivian President Evo Morales inaugurated the Publishing House of the Plurinational State in El Alto, which will perpetuate the historical and cultural memory of the country by printing books and other materials.

For Bolivia, this is the first national printing house gestated in 2014 and 2015 under the Democratic and Cultural Revolution, the head of State said in his speech.

‘Happily, although we are late, we are now inaugurating our own Plurinational State printing house,’ noted Morales, who has led the process to change the country for 12 years.

He proposed that with this new state company, the costs of printing the newspaper Cambio will be reduced by around 10 percent, as well as the work materials and publications of each of the country’s ministries.

Previously, all documents, publications, office materials, brochures, posters and other documents were printed in private facilities, which generated great expenses to the State, the president of Bolivia said. He assured that now everything will be printed in this state publishing house, so not only a great investment will be saved, but also reading will be socialized and universalized, due to the importance that is given nowadays to communication and information.

In such a way, we will have to encourage the habit of reading in the new generations, even though it is through digital technology, Morales said.

He added that when there is a will, it is possible to improve spaces in the community and employ new companies at the service of the Bolivian people, such as this German leading-edge technology printing press, recognized by Bolivian experts as the best in the world.

Minister of Communication Gisela López and Minister of Culture Wilma Alanoca were also present at the inauguration ceremony. (Prensa Latina)