[:es]USA Revives Cold War with Blockade on Cuba[:]

[:es]United Nations, Nov 3.- Nicaraguan Deputy Foreign Minister, Maria Rubiales, has warned here this Thursday that the U.S. defense of its blockade on Cuba returns the international community to the Cold War era.

It seems that we are returning to times that already seemed over, she told Prensa Latina, regarding Washington’s commitment to bet on the maintenance of the economic, commercial and financial siege to the island, rejected once again yesterday at the UN General Assembly.

Rubiales, who is also the Nicaraguan ambassador to the United Nations, highlighted the support of 191 of 193 UN member countries to a new resolution, the 26th consecutively adopted in that forum since 1992, on the necessity to end a current blockade for more than 50 years.

Only the United States and Israel voted against the resolution, which calls for respect to the UN Charter and International Law, in yesterday’s session, in which U.S. permanent representative, Nikki Haley, justified the hostility against Cuba, ignoring the clear universal demand to abandon it.

I think that the major thing is not talking about those who supported the blockade, but we are still 191 countries that we call to lift it, a virtually unanimous demand, she said.

According to Rubiales, it is inexplicable that such an unjust and criminal measure continues to be applied in the 21st century, which not only affects the Cuban people.

Nicaragua will remain along with the world defending the just causes, such as the end of this blockade, she said. (PL)[:]