[:es]FIHAV 2017 Has a Significant Impact on the Business Sector[:]

[:es]Havana, Nov 3.- The 35th edition of the Havana International Fair, FIHAV 2017, closes its activities today with new presentations from around 3,000 exhibiting companies, including the call to FECONS 2018 and other exchanges related to the construction sector.

In EXPOCUBA fairground, venue of FIHAV 2017, the call to the International Construction Fair (FECONS) will be carried out at Don Cuba restaurant.

The bi-annual event, FECONS, is an ideal space for exchange between entrepreneurs and exhibitors from different nations, in order to promote products and services for export.

Analysis of modern construction systems with high productivity and efficiency; as well as the production of materials that substitute imports and generate a rational use of labor are basic issues in the debates.

Senior executives from the Cuban Ministries of Construction and Foreign Investment, as well as other important investors in the sector, are expected to attend.

Another attraction today is the celebration of the Day of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), in which the signing of new contracts with impact on the development of the region is expected.

About 3,000 exhibitors from more than 60 countries are attending FIHAV 2017, especially 37 delegations from Cuba’s trading partner States, and 16 nations with official pavilions.

Among them are Germany, France, Japan, South Korea, Venezuela, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, China, Russia and Spain, a country that is again the most represented one with five of those pavilions, including that from the Basque Country.(PL) [:]