Unity around the revolutionary process highlighted in Cuba

Havana, Jan 3.- Press media today highlighted Cuba’s will to continue promoting the revolutionary process initiated 65 years ago under the leadership of Fidel Castro, in the face of the growing hostility of the United States.

Newspapers such as Granma, official organ of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC), underlined the unity achieved around the project of social and political changes, described the day before by Army General Raúl Castro as the main strategic weapon of the Revolution.

In a speech delivered in Santiago de Cuba on the occasion of the anniversary, the revolutionary leader evoked the legacy of Fidel Castro and his unshakable faith in victory, and recognized the role of the new generation at the head of the leadership of the PCC and the State at all levels.

He highlighted the value of ”tangible works anywhere in Cuba in the material and spiritual order”, while reaffirming his confidence in the future of the process.

In this sense, he called on his compatriots to promote the tasks of economic recovery, in the midst of the intensified economic siege of the United States government, which has also lasted more than 60 years.

National and local media also reported on President Miguel Díaz-Canel’s speech at the event, in which the head of state highlighted the achievements of the Revolution thanks to the support of the people who -he affirmed- have not lost their enthusiasm and have been the main protagonists of the Revolution.

The political-cultural evening, held at the emblematic Céspedes Park in the city of Santiago de Cuba, featured an artistic display that included video-mapping effects on the façade of the old City Hall, from whose balcony a hologram recreated Fidel Castro in one of his speeches there.

Cuba celebrates this January 2 the departure from that city of the Caravan of Freedom, the triumphal march of the rebel troops to Havana to consolidate the revolutionary triumph in 1959. (Taken from Prensa Latina)