[:es]U.S.,Cuba Continue Air Disaster Investigations[:]


Havana, Jun 6 .- Investigations into the causes of the May 18 air disaster in Havana are continuing today in Cuba and the United States, where the two black boxes of the Boeing 737-200 were moved.


Cuban experts traveled to U.S. territory with the boxes that recorded the voices and data of the aircraft of the Mexican airline Damojh rented by Cubana de Aviacion, said on Monday the island’s Minister of Transport, Adel Yzquierdo, in a session of Parliament.

Yzquierdo reiterated the investigations related to the May 18 tragedy may take months to complete, when the plane crashed shortly after taking off from Jose Marti International Airport, with 113 passengers and crew on board (102 Cubans and 11 foreigners).

As pointed out here, along with experts from Cuba, specialists from the United States and Mexico, the country where the Boeing 737-200 was manufactured and the headquarters of the company that operated it, respectively, participate in the research.

According to the president of the Cuban Institute of Civil Aeronautics (IACC), Armando Daniel, the preservation of the disaster site – a farmland – was key to gathering evidence, which is subjected to laboratory analysis.

Daniel, who is in charge of the investigations, said the objective of the investigations is ‘prevention of future events, and not to determine the guilty parties’.

Investigations are also being conducted in Mexico into the Damojh Company, whose operations were suspended by the Ministry of Communications and Transport.

Yesterday, in the Caribbean nation’s Parliament, the specialist in legal medicine, Jorge Gonzalez, highlighted the excelent response to the accident, of which three Cuban women survived, but only one – 19-year-old Mailen Diaz – remains in critical condition.

Gonzalez acknowledged the work of the island’s health system, its quick reaction and the identification in just eight days of the 110 human remains that arrived at the Institute of Legal Medicine a few hours after the accident.

In a plenary session, Cuban parliamentarians dedicated a minute of silence on Saturday to the victims of the air tragedy, one of the largest in the world this year. (Prensa Latina)