Tribute programs in Mexico to Fidel Castro (+Photos)

Mexico City, Aug 12.- The program of tributes to Cuba’s revolutionary leader Fidel Castro, on his 97th birth anniversary, opened with a panel on the validity of his thought.
Organized by the Cuban Embassy and attended by friendly organizations and parties, the meeting took place on Friday with important and sensitive speeches of people knowledgeable and studious of the life and work of the most recognized combatant, revolutionary, intellectual and leader in the world in the 20th century.

Political and social personalities such as Congresswoman Yeidckol Polevnsky, Prof. Tatiana Coll and Prof. Nayar López were granted the floor.

Plus, politician, professor and researcher Cuauhtémoc Amezcua, the Mexican intellectual, essayist, anthropologist and sociologist Héctor Díaz Polanco, the first Secretary of the Communist Party of Mexico Pavel Blanco and Pablo Moctezuma, PhD., also attended.

The speakers made an in-depth analysis about Fidel Castro’s political, ideological and philosophical thinking and universal knowledge in many areas of knowledge, which made him a unique personality in his contemporary era and placed him alongside the greatest figures in the history of mankind.

Ambassador Marcos Rodriguez opened the panel with the reading of a phrase of Army General Raul Castro, in which he expressed that “Fidel is Fidel. And he does not need any position to always take a top place in history, in the present and in the future of the Cuban nation”, and under that premise he asked the attendees to develop the panel.

Activities in homage to the undefeated leader of the Cuban Revolution will continue on Sunday with a political and cultural evening organized by the Cuba Solidarity Committee at the embassy itself. (Taken from Prensa Latina)