Tourists Highlight Beauty of Baracoa, Cuban Eastern City

Havana, Dec 3.- Tourists coming to Cuba from all over the world on vacations, now highlight as one of the most outstanding and beautiful places of Cuba, the eastern city of Baracoa, first settlement built by the Spaniards over five centuries ago.

Among the comments, they point out that this is the part of this archipelago that many Europeans like above all interested in nature trips and adventures.

Such predilection is argued not only from the point of view of being in the first city founded by the Spaniards on the island, but it has everything very close, nature, mountain, beach, river: adventure and nature.

Baracoa, also called the Primada City, is located in the eastern Cuban province of Guantanamo, with many charms. In addition to an extremely attractive urban environment.

The city was founded on August 15, 1511 with the name of Nuestra Señora de la Asunción de Baracoa (Our Lady of the Assumption of Baracoa) by the Spanish explorer Diego Velazquez, who then held the title of Adelantado (‘Advanced’).

It is the oldest settlement after the arrival of the Spaniards and from there it is named Primada. In 1518 it received the designation of city, besides being the first capital and the first bishopric of the island.

The delegate of the Ministry of Tourism ( MINTUR ) in the territory, Onelquis Ferrer, opportunely illustrated with data the present and the immediate future, very promising, for this place. She not only represents tourism in Baracoa, but also in Guantanamo province.

She pointed out that the first products they sell are of nature, culture and history, with the Alejandro de Humboldt Park, one of the most attractive in the Cuban market, because it is thanks to the German scientist who in his time fell in love with the region, and with Cub

Baracoa is the main destination of the area, with diverse natural and cultural attractions, motivating to know the place, its rivers, beaches and people, the authentic gastronomy where the traditions of coconut and chocolate are kept.

Baracoa currently has seven hotels and 505 rooms in the so-called non-state sector; in Guantanamo there are four hotels and two new facilities in Maisi, in its eastern Cuban lighthouse.

The official says the main markets for Baracoa and Guantanamo in general are Germany, France, Italy and Spain, when 2016 ended with 35,000 foreign visitors for Baracoa, and 60,000 for Guantanamo.

These tourists are fond of private homes and nature and culture programs, trails, boat trips, getting to know the Yunque Park, the Yumuri River, the flora and fauna of the place, on trips with two-day stays.

The province has the seal of inspiring the Cuban bard Joseito Fernandez (1908-1979) who composed his song Guajira Guantanamera, the best known in the world, not only as a representation of this part of the island, but of all of Cuba.