Tampa Citizens Ask Trump to Reverse Travel Restrictions on Cuba

Washington, Jun 26 .-Tampa citizens asked the Donald Trump administration to reverse the recent travel restrictions on Cuba, Caribbean country’s ambassador Jose Ramon Cabañas, who visits that American city, said.


The diplomat posted on his Twitter account that during his stay in that city, located in the southern state of Florida, a resolution passed on June 13 was presented in the City Council asking the federal government to reverse these measures.

Such document defends the freedom of Americans to visit Cuba, and referred to the historical relationship with Cuba ‘as longer and richer’ than that of any other American city with the island.

The text recalled that Cuban National Hero Jose Marti spent time in Tampa in the 1890s, when he obtained support for the independence struggle of his country against Spain and gave some of his most famous speeches.

The document also stressed that the city has a historic opportunity to restore commercial, family and cultural ties with Cuba, and stressed that direct flights and cruises to that nation created hundreds of jobs in Tampa.

The resolution mentioned as positive the way in which the visits of US citizens boosted the growth of the private sector in Cuba, and regretted that the new travel restrictions can harm local companies, cause loss of jobs in the city and make that Cuban entrepreneurs can lose their savings.

That document adopted by the local Council was a reaction to the measures adopted by the Donald Trump administration on June 5 in which the Americans are prevented from going to Cuba on people to people group educational trips.(Prensa Latina)