Cuban Prosecutor’s Office perfects work in the face of modernization

Havana, Jul 23.- The Cuban legislative development based on the 2019 Constitution contributes to the improvement of the work of the Attorney General’s Office in Cuba, deputies considered during an analysis of the work of the body.The attorney general of the Republic of Cuba, Yamila Peña, presented to the deputies of the National Assembly of People’s Power the main achievements and challenges of the Prosecutor’s Office in the period from 2017 to 2021.

According to the report, the Constitution of 2019 and its subsequent development laws expanded the participation of prosecutors in criminal proceedings, which meant that the body increased the presence of professionals in tasks of supervision, preparation and execution of the most complex processes.The Attorney General’s Office perfected the criminal policy in accordance with the seriousness of the events and, when possible, subsidiary sanctions to the deprivation of liberty were requested, to highlight the preventive and educational nature of the Cuban penal system.

The report added that from 2017 to 2021, more than 174,500 people issued complaints to the offices, with a concentration of complaints on aspects such as labor conflicts, housing procedures, manifestations of violence and protection to people in vulnerable situations.

In more than 95 percent of the occasions, a response was offered to citizens, implementing alternative means of exchange for this purpose. Based on the country’s legislative advances, the Prosecutor’s Office created a Gender Committee and prepared and implemented an Action Plan for the Comprehensive Strategy for the Prevention and Attention of Gender Violence and in the Family Scenario and a Protocol for the Prevention and Attention of Gender Based Violence.

According to the report, the actions for fiscal verifications were strengthened at the stage, which were directed to prioritized sectors such as electricity, food production, construction and delivery of subsidies to the population, the fight with Covid-19, gastronomy and implementation of the monetary system.

The Prosecutor’s Office carried out more than 30,000 inspections of penitentiary centers for the observance of the conditions, rights and guarantees of inmates and supported the process of monitoring those who benefited from an early release.

(taken from Prensa Latina)