Special Cuban Development Zone Shows Intense Activity in February

Havana, Mar 3 .- The Special Development Zone of Mariel (ZEDM), important Cuban economic enclave, had an intense activity in February.


The Zone reported that the enterprise of Canadian capital WYM Group S.A., approved as a client of ZEDM, will produce and market tissue paper and cleaning products.

Authorized to operate in the island for 25 years from its inscription in the Mercantile Register, this Cuban subsidiary of the Canandian society Group WYM Inc., will produce multiuse detergents and different types of tissuwe paper, referred the information released in the Zone’s website.

Its productions will include napkins, disposable handkerchiefs, kitchen paper and liquid detergents for domestic and commercial use. With high stansdards of quality, they will be destined both to exports as the domestic market, said the press release.

According to the report, it is expected for the factory to strengthen the links with the rest of the Cuban economy.

Also in February, the Enterprise of Spanish capital Profood Service S.A. started operating in the Zone to elaborate and market food, beverages and dispenser machines.

The elaborations of Profood Service S.A. destined to the hotel sector and the national store network, include juices and concentrated cocktails, beverages for cocktails, liquors, dry fruits, cereals and frozen-dry products such as coffee, cocoa, said in its Twitter account the ZEDM.

It is expected that its production capacity will have a catalog of over 300 products and will manufacture some 26 million units per year.

The important economic enclave arises increasing interest among foreign businesspeople and it is expected to keep up the rhythm to attract investments.