[:es]South Popular Council Electoral Comission take the oath of loyalty to Homeland[:]

[:es]Santa Cruz del Sur, Jun 29.- The ceremony of constitution and ratification to the oath in districts of South Popular Council took place this Wednesday morning here.

María del Carmen Olivares Bejerano, member of the Municipal Electoral Comission, ratified the commitment to keep loyalty to the Homeland, to accomplish on time each activity related to their public office, to be professionals, impartials, rigorous and also to assert the principle of Revolution.

Rolando Esquivel García, the leader of th Communist Party in the territory, congratulated the members of the commissions after they took the oath to be loyal to Homeland , to its political, social and electoral system.

In the name of Cuban people and representing their organizations, the members of districts Electoral Commissions in South Popular Council will enforce the genuine democracy, transparency and truthfulness that characterize this process in our country.[:]