Andean Parliament member thanks Cuba for its solidarity

Quito, Nov 19.- Rosa Mireya Cardenas, representative from Ecuador to the Andean Parliament, thanked Cuba and its health professionals on Monday for their solidarity and support in this South American nation, and in the rest of the world.

‘Cuba is a nation that has gone beyond time, beyond all its possibilities, and has dedicated all its solidarity to all nations around the world,’ Cardenas told Prensa Latina, following the Lenin Moreno administration’s decision to end the health cooperation agreement with Cuba.

Referring to Cuba, she noted that, ‘the most beautiful quality of a revolutionary is gratitude, and the Ecuadorian people have much to thank Cuba’s solidarity for.’

‘Thank you for having stood with our people in the different communities, supporting and giving all your collaboration, all your work and effort for our people,’ she stressed.

Cardenas also criticized the decision adopted by the Executive, preventing the renewal of an agreement through which a Cuban Medical Brigade offered quality health services in the country. (Latin Press)