Some 60,000 euros collected in France for vaccination in Cuba

Paris, May 23.- The campaign of the Cuba Linda and France Cuba associations in support of vaccination against Covid-19 in Cuba has raised around 60,000 euros to date, the equivalent of almost 750,000 syringes and needles.


Launched in mid-April, the initiative attracted the contribution of members of solidarity organizations, unions and political forces on French soil, who were invited to accompany Cuba in the goal of immunizing its entire population before the end of the year with indigenous vaccines.

The president of Cuba Linda, Didier Lalande, said regarding the new goal achieved that the response from the solidarity movement was wonderful and generous, but the more than 500 individual donations received also deserve recognition.

Lalande pointed out in recent statements to Prensa Latina that the campaign exceeded initial expectations of collecting 40,000 euros to support Cuba with half a million syringes and needles.

The aid is part of the actions of European solidarity to support the purchase of 10 million syringes and needles in China by Cuban health authorities.

Lalande explained that they transferred the first 15,000 euros on April 29th to MediCuba Switzerland, the entity in charge of the solidarity project in Europe, and sent another 40,000 on Friday.

As announced, the collection will be active until June 10th, and the last transfer will be made the next day, with several new donations announced in recent days. (Prensa Latina)