Venezuela Readies for Congressional Elections

Venezuela Readies for Congressional ElectionsCaracas, Aug. 23. -A day after holding a nationwide mock election, the Venezuelan Electoral Council is organizing new educational activities on Monday for the forthcoming September congressional poll.

Election "fairs" will begin all over the country on Sunday featuring teaching materials about the process, council director Socorro Hernandez told Venezolana de Television.

"We will have sites in every state where people can practice their vote," Hernandez said. "We will have what we called compasses, ballots, and information on how to exercise the citizen's right to vote," she said.

When asked about the mock election held Sunday, Hernandez said there was satisfaction about the demonstrated effectiveness of the platform used in the legislative elections.

She also referred to some aspects that affect the speed of the elections, such as problems with the distribution of polling stations, and votersâ�Ö lack of knowledge aboutthe constitutional right of indigenous Venezuelans to have their own representatives in the Legislature. (Prensa Latina)