Rigoberta Menchu finds campaign against Cuban doctors outrageous

Guatemala, Jul 14 .- Nobel Peace Prize winner Rigoberta Menchu said that 60 years of criminal blockade against Cuba is a real offense to humanity and condemned the current campaign to discredit the island’s medical cooperation.


It is urgent to demand the end of this blockade led by the United States, which is currently being adapted and expressed in a media escalation of discredit and direct attacks on the diplomatic relations of scientific, technical, academic and cultural exchange of the Republic of Cuba with the rest of the world,’ Menchu called for in a statement to which Prensa Latina had access.

In her opinion, it is an offense to the intelligence and the universal culture to accuse Cuba of trafficking, of forced labor, of modern slavery, of committing crimes against humanity against its doctors deployed in the different continents in humanitarian work.

Unprecedented, truly outrageous and unacceptable, she said, is that they compare Cuban humanitarian medical work with the abominable practices of human history, such as crimes against humanity, human trafficking and contemporary slavery, and therefore, she claimed, ‘it is morally necessary to raise our voices.’

In her writing, the renowned Guatemalan fighter for human rights urges the great personalities, leaders, scientists, humanitarian and democratic forces of the world to ‘denounce and condemn this legal aberration, this manipulation and distortion of profound principles of law and international diplomacy.’

According to Menchu, the intensification of the attack on Cuba’s scientific and medical cooperation is part of a readjustment of the forms and methods assumed by the economic blockade imposed by the United States since 1960, which is now in its sixth decade. (Prensa Latina)