[:es]Rafael Correa Insists on Ecuador’s Unity to Safeguard Achievements[:]


Quito, Nov 30 .-Former President, Rafael Correa, has insisted today on the importance of unity to defend the achievements of the Citizens” Revolution and the principles followed by the governing Alianza PAIS Movement.

The former president said this statement during several meetings held with leaders and representatives of the alliance. Correa arrived in Ecuador on November 25 from Belgium, where he lives with his family since the end of his presidential term in May.

Today’s meetings, which concluded with a cultural night at a popular neighborhood in the city of Quito, were held at the national headquarters of Alianza PAIS and the Citizen Revolution Committee.

The former head of State also devoted a space to exchange with the national press, to whom he warned that there is a plot against Jorge Glas, constitutional vice president of the Republic, who is serving a preventive detention and is tried for illegal association in the case of corruption against the Odebrecht Company.

Correa said he expects to visit Glas in coming days and reiterated that he is unjustly detained.

Today’s events join to the intense agenda Correa is fulfilling since his arrival in Guayaquil, which includes massive meetings with social groups, supporters, affiliates to Alianza PAIS and people in general, as well as interviews with several media.

Guayas, Azuay, Manabi, Santo Domingo and Pichincha are the provinces where the former leader has strengthened the Movement and ratified his intention to defend the Government Plan by which most of Ecuadorians voted, during the April general elections.

The main objective of his visit is to participate, as a life president of PAIS, in the 7th National Convention of political formation, convened by his board, for December 3, in Esmeraldas province. (Prensa Latina)