Polling stations open for popular referendum in Ecuador

Quito, Apr 21.- At 7:00 hours, local time, on Sunday, all polling stations opened in Ecuador, where citizens will vote on the popular consultation and referendum proposed by President Daniel Noboa.
With an official ceremony at the headquarters of the National Electoral Council (CNE), in Quito, chaired by electoral authorities and the Government and under a strict security scheme, voting day was inaugurated.

CNE President Diana Atamaint guaranteed “legality, legitimacy and transparency” in this process, for which 13.6 million voters inside and outside the country have registered.

At the event, where Noboa, ministers, and the police and military high command, as well as observers, among other guests, were present, Atamaint referred to the complexity of counting the votes and noted that the first results will be published from 7:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. (local time).

The head of State, in turn, called on Ecuadorians to vote for “the future we want” and promised to abide by and respect the popular decision.

The president pointed out that the result of the consultation will define the direction and State policy that he will take to face the challenge of violence, organized crime, the fight against corruption and the generation of employment.

It is our time to make history, we will bury a country of violence, anguish and we will give way to a new Ecuador, said the president. (Take from Prensa Latina)