Over 550 Works for Literary Casa Americas Award in Cuba

Havana, Jan 14 .-More than 550 works from various Latin American countries are contending for the 60th edition of the Literary Award Casa de las Americas, organized each year by this Cuban institution.


According to a press conference, the texts are divided into the following sections: novels (167), poetry (224), social history essays (28), Brazilian literature (45), Latin studies in the United States (19) and literature for children (101).

The event is prestigious with a luxury jury composed of renowned artists such as Argentine narrator Victor Goldgel-Carballo, Chilean essayist Lina Meruane, Ecuadorian poet Raul Vallejo and Cuban filmmaker Eduardo del Llano.

According to the researcher Jorge Fornet, these artists show the event´s significance, with six decades in the cultural panorama of the region, continues to be loyal to the ideals of its formation but with a renewing spirit.

Just to few days before the event opening, scheduled from January 21 to 30, the essayist referred to the new challenges of the contest to persist and continue mobilizing the continent great writers.

However, he said, it is still an event that brings together talented and recognized writers from the continent and very good literary proposals.

During the event, books from the prize winners in 2018 will be presented, and they will hold a lecture addresses on core issues related to the literature in the region.

Bridges and walls: passions and literary tensions between Brazil and Hispano-America, by the Brazilian Isis Barra, Luisa Geisler and Jose Luiz Passos,are among the works.

Besides, Latinos in the United States: among caravans, discrimination and greater social visibility by the Puerto Rican Frances Aparicio, the Mexican Jose Manuel Valenzuela and the Cuban-American Ruben Rumbaut.

As collateral activities, they will inaugurate Peruvian Popular Art exhibition at the institution’s Latin American gallery and offer a concert for harp and voice by the Mexican artist Verónica Valerio. (Prensa Latina)