Over 4,000 art students resume classes in Cuba

Havana, Sep 3.- More than 4,000 art students in Cuba and 1,500 teachers restarted school activities, the National Center of Art Schools (CNEArt) reported.


The figures represent more than 90% of assistance to those centers. The sanitary measures due to Covid-19, which currently affects mostly countries, are applied.

Considering the situation of each province, the students of the artistic academic institutions in Havana and Artemisa provinces could not restart classes on Tuesday, unlike those of 13 other provinces and Isla de la Juventud special municipality.

According to CNEArt, some 22 art schools reopened doors to children, young students and teachers, after those centers were closed for more than five months due to the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, causing the pandemic.