Media campaign against Cuba takes advantage of blockade effects

Havana, Jul 13.- Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel denounced the media campaign against his country and assured that it is based on the scarcity caused by the blockade imposed by the United States on Cuba.


In an address on national television, the president said that the nation is the victim of an unconventional war strategy aimed at breaking up the unity between people, government and the Communist Party of Cuba.

He pointed out that, in the past few weeks, messages against the Revolution have increased on social media to manipulate feelings, create discontent and stimulate protests.

Diaz-Canel stressed that the main cause of the existing problems in Cuba is the persistence of Washington’s economic, commercial and financial blockade, which is why the discourse on Internet platforms against the government is full of slander and manipulation.

The US blockade has limited our ability to purchase medicines or raw materials for their production, as well as the supplies needed to produce vaccines against Covid-19, he said. He also recalled how the media efforts aimed at the power cuts issue, the shortage of food and medicines, and the existence of stores that sell products in hard currency, all consequences of the blockade.

The president warned that, in this situation, people should avoid being confused and be able to realize those aspects with which they want to manipulate and separate the people, he insisted. (Prensa Latina)