Mass vaccination against Covid-19 starts in central province in Cuba (+Photo)

Santa Clara, Cuba, Jul 30.- The massive process of immunization against Covid-19 started in Santa Clara, central city with people over 18 years old, pregnant women in the second and third trimester of pregnancy and nursing mothers.


About 26,100 Santa Clara residents will receive daily the first dose of the Abdala vaccine in the 120 medical facilities created to achieve that during 13 days, informed here today Public Health authorities of the central province of Villa Clara.

The community doctor and the mass organizations are in charge of informing people the day, time and place where they will be vaccinated.

On August 14, the second dose will begin to be administered, and healthcare officials specified that people who do not wish to be vaccinated have the right not to go to the medical facilities,though they reiterate the benefits of Abdala to avoid the severe and critical forms of Covid-19 disease.

Pregnant Greisis Remedios on Thursday told Prensa Latina that to be vaccinated is an opportunity for ‘my baby not to get sick with Covid-19; for me not to get sick, and if by any chance if I get infected I will not have such serious complications, and will also prevent my other seven-year-old son from catching the novel coronavirus.’

Meanwhile, sports instructor Oscar Perez, accompanied by his wife Magalys, came early in the morning to get his vaccination, which he valued as a patriotic response of Cuban science to achieve all Cubans be immunized against the coronavirus.

At the 1623 clinic, the Head Nurse Yanet Galvez informed that the vaccination will be extended until next Monday, and then the process will be extended to the people in need, who will be injected at their homes.

College professor Angel Velazquez identified himself as a revolutionary geographer who loves the human and solidary richness of his nation.

‘I transmit to my students that this vaccination is an achievement of Cuban science, and I also explain to them that despite the cruel US blockade, Cuba will eradicate the pandemic,’ he assured. (Prensa Latina)