Letter from Cuban scientists to Biden exceeds 9,000 signatures

Havana, Aug 22.- The letter from Cuban scientists in response to US President Joe Biden for his misleading statements on the fight against Covid-19 on Cuba reached over 9,000 signatures of support on Saturday.


Just over a week later since its publication on the web, and the letter has the support of 9,067 personalities from all over the world.

A map available on the same site of the letter ( shows that signatures have been added from all continents, with a predominance of countries in North America, South America and Europe.

Support also came from countries such as China, Angola, Nigeria, South Africa, Japan, among others.

On July 15, Biden publicly referred to Cuba as a ‘failed State’ and disqualified Cuban capacity, its healthcare system and science to respond to the challenges of the current epidemiological situation caused by Covid-19.

In view of this pronouncement aimed at distorting reality, a broad representation of scientists, doctors and the Cuban and international population will address the letter in which Cuban achievements in health issues, and specifically in the fight against the pandemic are described.

The letter also calls for the lifting of US sanctions and coercive measures imposed on Cuba, respect for the Cuban achievements and greater collaboration between the two countries to fight against the pandemic.

Likewise, experts point out that Cuba maintains close collaboration on those issues with the World Health Organization and the United Nations Children’s Fund, international organizations that have confirmed the child vaccination rates in this country, which exceed 99 percent coverage.

Precisely, none of those organizations has suggested the need to intervene in Cuba to administer vaccines, as the US Government has recently done.

On the contrary, they have requested the help of Cuban experts in global efforts to eradicate diseases such as polio or to export national vaccines against meningitis urgently to Africa.

(Prensa Latina)