La Jornada echoes for Concert for Cuba against US blockade

Mexico, Jul 17.- La Jornada newspaper echoed the call for the Concert for Cuba against the US blockade that seeks to unite the two countries through music.


The call aims, in addition to denouncing the economic, financial and commercial US blockade imposed on Cuba, to support the candidacy of the Henry Reeve Cuban medical brigade for Nobel Peace Prize.

The newspaper explained the concert, slated for July 18 and 19, is sponsored and organized by the Chicago HotHouse in coordination with the Cuban Institute of Music and the Cuban Ministry of Culture.

This event will be attended by musicians from Cuba, Canada, The United States, Europe and Africa, whose presentation will be broadcast online.

La Jornada quoted Bill Martinez, US producer and organizer, who explained that when promoters discussed the characteristics of the meeting, many agreed on the significance of cultural exchange with Cuba and the commitment to lift the US blockade against Cuba.

It is about reinforcing our belief in building up bridges between our countries and honoring the brave work of Cuban doctors, he assured.

‘I am convinced that if there is something to learn from the pandemic is the need to forge new forms of solidarity in our world community,’ added Martinez. (Prensa Latina)