ALBA-1 Fiber Optic Cable On Its Way to Venezuela

ALBA-1 Fiber Optic Cable On Its Way to VenezuelaHavana, Jan 12. -The ALBA-1 submarine fiber optic cable that will be laid between Venezuela and Cuba and then to Jamaica, is on its way to Venezuela from France on the Ile de Batz ship.

Before leaving from the port of Calais, the ship was visited by Cuban Ambassador Orlando Requeijo Gual, and the Cuban scientific attache, Dennis Casares, who asked about details of the transfer, Granma newspaper reported Wednesday.

The ship's holds contain over 1,600 km (0.994 miles) of cable, and also sophisticated technology for laying the cable and a submarine robot to enable the monitoring of operations, according to ship's captain Pierre Emmanuel Dautry.

The cable will start operating this year, increasing 3,000-fold Cuba's ability to connect with the world via Internet, Cuban and Venezuelan authorities reported.

The cable will make it possible to break the communication blockade imposed by the United States on Cuba, expand integration among Latin American and Caribbean nations, and strengthen Cuban-Venezuelan relations. (Prensa Latina)