Italian media cover San Remo Music Awards in Cuba

Rome, Feb 22.- The San Remo Music Awards in Cuba has recently mobilized public opinion as a wave of media manipulation has been countered by the international community, especially in Italy.

The confirmation of the days when the event will be held (April 5 to 10) has been largely covered by newspapers, magazines and agencies from Switzerland, Russia, Argentina, Paraguay, Germany, the United States, Spain, France, Mexico, among other nations, despite attempted boycotts on social media.

A dozen Italian media outlets reported the interview to event promoter and general artistic director Jorge Luis Robaina, published on the Cubarte website and entitled “San Remo: una fiesta necesaria para Cuba” (San Remo: a Necessary Festival for Cuba), as well as other articles related to this cultural event.

The articles are about the program of the festival, which will pay posthumous tribute to Italian singer songwriter, composer, dancer and choreographer Raffaella Carra, and the presence of Italian businessman Nicola Convertino and artistic agent Flavio Ferrari.

For its part, Picchio.neuws highlighted the cultural ties between both nations, something that will be showcased in the performances in Havana venues such as the Teatro Nacional (National Theater), Club 500 and Hotel Nacional de Cuba, despite some people’s opposition.

Italian media also reported on Convertino’s statement about the festival, who considered Cuba an important venue to strengthen collaboration with major exponents of Cuban and Latin music.

The organization of the festival started two years ago. It will be held in Cuba and Ibero-America for the first time, with a professional program and commercial ambitions, and prior interviews with foreign agents and artists, some of whom called off their performances due to media pressure.

(Prensa Latina)