[:es]Hotel Industry of Eastern Cuba Reinforces its Quality Standards[:]


Havana, Jul 16 .-The hotel industry in the eastern region of Cuba is seeking to strengthen quality and provide significant examples to benefit the satisfaction of its guests from all over the world.


One of the most recent examples of this is Bayamo, the capital of Granma province, where for the third time the Hotel Royalton has been granted the status of Quality Leader Collective.

This recognition is granted jointly by the Cuban Ministry of Tourism (Mintur) and the sector’s union.

The facility belongs to the E (Enchantment) brand and is operated by the Cuban hotel group Islazul (‘Islazul’) (located in the historic centre of this city.)

The Royalton became newsworthy this week because it is the only establishment in eastern Cuba with such a distinction.

In order to receive it, the hotel had to be ranked as outstanding in terms of customer satisfaction and economic efficiency.

A report from the Cuban News Agency (ACN) abounds with information about the Royalton, when it even explained that the hotel’s chef Antonio Gonzalez also won the award in the individual category.

The general secretary of the National Union of Hotel and Tourism Workers, Victor Lemagne, highlighted the merit of maintaining this status, as evidence that the Royalton workers are encouraged by the will to move forward.

He highlighted the general achievements of the Islazul Hotel Complex in Granma, which received the recognition entitled Por las Sendas del Triunfo, which promotes tourism.

For his part, the director of the Royalton, Jose Ignacio Pineda, said that to provide services to tourism, the hotel has 26 workers and has 33 rooms, restaurant, lobbybar and a bar-terrace.

Pineda indicated that Germany, Holland, the United Kingdom, France and Italy were among the main countries to visit the site, which was built in 1942.

Among the main attractions of the Royalton is its privileged location, very close to institutions and emblematic places of Bayamo.

The most visited places, close to the hotel, are the Revolution and the National Anthem squares, the historical research center of the Cuban Nationality House and the Birthplace Museum of Carlos Manuel de Cespedes (‘Father of the Nation’).

Many visitors arrive in Granma and in particular in Bayamo on holidays linked to the cultural, historical and traditional interests of this area of the archipelago. (Prensa Latina)