Honduras welcomes Cuban medical brigade in Zone Zero(+Foto)

Tegucigalpa, Dec 17.- Honduran solidarity movements with Cuba cheerly welcomed on Wednesday the medical brigade that will assist the population affected by Hurricanes Eta and Iota in the called Zone Zero.


The arrival of 25 Cuban healthcare professionals took place through the Toncontin International Airport, which serves this capital, and then they embarked on a journey of over five hours to the department of Yoro, in the center-north, Cuban Ambassador Francisco Emilio Delgado explained to Prensa Latina.

The brigade’s final destination will be Urraco Pueblo, south of the municipality of El Progreso, which is part of Zone Zero, the neediest area for assistance after the ravages of the floods caused by Hurricanes Eta and Iota.

Delgado set out that on Tuesday, a cargo plane from Havana carrying a field hospital and tents arrived at the airport of La Ceiba (north), where the brigade will stay for 30 days on Honduran territory.

The Cuban healthcare professionals will begin on Thursday the assembly of the hospital since they have experience, to the extent tha this is the fourth mission of the head of the brigade in similar conditions.

The airplane that moved the hospital also brought the necessary resources for their food and a small reserve of medicines, the diplomat explained.

Members of the Honduras-Cuba Friendship Association filled the outer areas of Toncontin and gave a warm welcome to Cuba’s medical staff and international collaborators. (Prensa Latina)