Government exalts Cuba’s unity against destabilizing attempts

Havana, Nov 30.- Cuban Prime Minister, Manuel Marrero, highlighted the unity of the people of the island to face any media farce generated from the United States.


Through his Twitter account, the head of government shared a tweet from President Miguel Díaz-Canel where he emphasizes that the so-called San Isidro Movement is an imperial reality show.

‘Those of San Isidro ignore that our people are not fooled and know that unity is what will lead us to a prosperous future, with dignity, sovereignty and decorum,’ added Marrero.

Both the president and the prime minister expressed their confidence in the Cubans to defeat the destabilization plans against the island.

Previously, Díaz-Canel denounced the media farce that is generated mainly on social networks against Cuba.

The so-called San Isidro Movement was holding a protest to demand the Cuban government release Denis Solís, who was sentenced to eight months of deprivation of liberty for the crime of contempt of the authorities.

Various intellectuals on the island agree that it is a pretext, a story under construction from social networks that seeks to manipulate emotions and create an atmosphere of destabilization in Cuba.

The nation’s authorities demonstrated that Solís, who is presented by the networks as a censored artist, affirmed in a video that he maintains ties with people who finance violent acts against Cuba.

Speaking to Cuban television, the intellectual Enrique Ubieta said that the name of Movement is a necessity of these media to give the idea that there is something structured and to establish a political perspective.

‘The trial and conviction of Solís is not relevant for international news, it is a pretext, behind it is the intention to build a focus that makes those people visible (those of the strike), that catapults the image of an alleged repression in Cuba, ‘he added. (Prensa Latina)