[:es]Forum Held Online to Denounce Alleged Sonic Attacks in Cuba[:]


Havana, Nov 16 .- Specialists from various fields participated in the online forum ”Scientific Discussion on alleged sonic attacks occurred in Havana”, to denounce the false nature of the alleged attacks on U.S. officials in Havana.


The discussion, which took place between 9:00 and 15:00 hrs local time, started questioning the symptoms described by U.S. authorities as consequences of sonic attacks, and if the alleged damage can be related to other diseases or might be linked to psychological or social causes.

According to doctor Jorge Villar, coordinator of the team of specialists that analyzed the alleged attacks, the U.S. authorities leaked to the press a recording with the sound that allegedly damaged the officials, but the recording only has environmental noises and the sound of a well-known Cuban cricket, the intensity of which (74.6 decibels) does not harm human health.

He said that, indeed, sonic weapons do exist, and they are sold online and used by the governments of the United States and Israel to break up demonstrations in their countries, however, there are no such weapons in Cuba, not made in the country or brought from abroad.

Other participant in the online forum, Nelson Gomez head of the Neurology Department of the Hospital Hermanos Ameijeiras, reiterated the call made by Cuban scientists urging colleagues in the world to give their opinions on the alleged attacks and the possible causes of the symptoms described in the health report sent by the U.S. Department of State.

The online forum, which will continue tomorrow at similar time, had hundreds of posts in its first day. (Prensa Latina)