[:es]Exercise against Disasters Meteor 2018 Starts in Cuba[:]


Havana, May 20 .- with the aim of avoiding severe damage to the economy and loss of human life due to disasters such as earthquakes, droughts and hurricanes of great intensity, the popular exercise Meteoro 2018 began in Cuba this saturday.


In the two-day trial, the National Defense Council, agencies of the Central State Administration, higher bodies of Business Management, economic entities, social institutions, the Revolutionary Armed Forces and the Ministry of the Interior will participate.

Among the objectives of Meteor 2018 are to train the members of the commissions for the protection of the population, the damage and needs assessment groups and the paperwork offices for victims during disasters.

The participants will outline the measures planned in each stage to mitigate the impact of the hazards.

Another mission will be to increase the dissemination on the rules of behavior in tropical cyclones and other contingencies, while training the population in first aid, first aid, light rescue and other actions.

Likewise, the communications system of the country and the Emergency Network of the Radio Amateur Federation of Cuba will be pointed out. (Prensa Latina)