[:es]Excellent results of dynamic test before elections in Santa Cruz del Sur[:]

[:es]The results of the dynamic test in Santa Cruz del Sur before partial elections of People´s Power, which are scheduled for this November 26th, were excellent, said Francisca Reyes Anaya, president of Electoral Commission here.

On Sunday from seven in the morning , 121 electoral colleges organized in 85 districts opened the doors. Order, discipline, national symbols and members of polling stations studying rules documents were present in this places according to the law.

They were also trained to ballot scrutiny, an important process that demands a strict control to assure full transparency and ethic of the near civic act. Reyes Anaya highlighted communication quality, transport efficiency and the use of resources on time.

The achievements of this working day are undoubtly the victorious announcement of the forthcoming elections. Electors will vote the best candidates who will represent them in a two and a half years period. (Translated by Yaima Báez)