Diaz-Canel: With New Constitution Cuba will Be a Better Country

Havana, Feb 12 .-President Miguel Diaz-Canel noted on Monday that with the new Constitution of the Republic, Cuba will be a better place and it will be more in tune with the present days.


On his Twitter account, the Diaz-Canel pointed out that in a few days, Cubans will approve the Constitution ‘that we all did for the good of everyone. Cuba will be a better country, more of its time’.

The president has insisted on his call on Cubans to ratify the law of laws at the polls to replace the one in force since 1976, less than two weeks before the referendum on February 24, to which more than eight million voters have been called.

The new Constitution was approved by the People’s Power National Assembly on December 22, when the referendum to ratify it was called.