Diaz-Canel highlights Cuba’s socio-economic achievements in 2019

Havana, Dec 22.-  Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel said on Saturday that the country is advancing and developing despite United States’ attempts to destroy the Revolution, and highlighted several achievements and advances the island made in 2019.


This year more than 43,000 homes were completed, 10,000 more than planned, and it was also a period of great investment in land and rail transportation, the President told the National Assembly of People’s Power in the year’s closing session.

He highlighted the salary increase that benefited more than 1.4 million workers in the State sector, which favored, among other aspects, the return of more than 12,000 teachers to classes.

Telephone and Internet access services were also expanded to the point that it was one of the sectors that grew the most, he stressed.

Tourism, the sector most affected by the hostility of the United States, had positive results, he added.

In this regard, he noted that the country received more than four million visitors and opened more than 3,800 rooms, while progress was made in linking the sector with the national industry.

In the Special Development Zone of Mariel, located in the west of the island, industrial plants that manufacture products needed for domestic market and with export possibilities are already operating, Diaz-Canel pointed out.

But the most important thing -he highlighted- was the approval of a new constitution, which strengthens the entire society and opens new paths to the country’s institutionalization. (Prensa Latina)