Diaz-Canel Calls For Support For A Constitution

Havana, Feb 24 .- The president of Cuba, Miguel Diaz-Canel, called to vote Yes for the new Constitution of the Republic in today’s referendum, because it is a text that enhances the dignity of the people of the island.


In a message on his Twitter account, the president also stressed that the magna carta on which more than eight million Cubans are called to pronounce ‘guarantees the rights of each and every one of the nation’s citizens’.

Diaz-Canel also celebrated the anti-imperialist character of the text unanimously approved in December by the National Assembly of People’s Power and the popular protagonism in its construction.

It is the Constitution that we made together, Cubans,’ he wrote.

The Magna Carta, which once in force will replace the one in force since 1976, was submitted -when it was a project- to popular consultation, a process that from August 13 to November 15 counted with the participation of almost nine million people, in 133 thousand meetings held in neighborhoods and centers of work and study, as well as abroad.

This consultation resulted in more than 780,000 proposals for modification, addition and elimination of contents, many of which were incorporated into the text.