Development Zone in Cuba to Strengthen Production Chains

Havana, Jan 30 .-The Mariel Special Development Zone (ZEDM), located about 45 kilometers west of Havana, is currently working to strengthen productive chains with the rest of the Cuban economy.


This goal was highlighted during a recent meeting held when, for the first time, the ZEDM Office received representatives of the 43 established businesses and service providers to exchange their main results and challenges collectively, ZEDM posted on Twitter .

The Office’s General Director, Ana Teresa Igarza, stressed that the Zone reached its first five years in 2018 with achievements due to the efforts of each of those present.

She also referred to the ZEDM’s goals for the coming years, calling on everyone to work together to achieve them.

The attendees exchanged experiences and work expectations. Together with this, the Office’s work was highlighted, especially that of the Single Window in the ‘effective accompaniment for the constitution and investment process of companies’.

Suggestions were also shared to improve the functioning of some processes within the Zone and to strengthen the productive chains with the rest of the Cuban economy.

The ZEDM, with a growing interest among foreign businessmen, began the year focused on maintaining the pace in attracting investment.

Considered an important Cuban economic enclave, it seeks to continue developing the infrastructure and services for the quick establishment of new users and concessionaires.

Out of the 43 approved businesses in the Zone, 17 are in operation and two are authorized to start operations.

It has experienced a qualitative increase in the attraction of investments last year, according to the information released. (Prensa Latina)