Industrialized Countries Hinder Doha Round, Cuba Denounces

Industrialized Countries Hinder Doha Round, Cuba DenouncesGeneva, Feb 15. – Cuba denounced on Wednesday at the General Council of the World Trade Organization (WTO) the responsibility of industrialized countries in the stalled negotiations of the Doha Round.

 "We have taken note of WTO General Director Pascal Lamy's report on the current status of the Round and we view with great concern the uncertain future to ensure full compliance with the objectives that led to its launch in 2001, said Cuban Counselor Nancy Madriga.

Madrigal said that selfishness and inequality inherent to capitalism, particularly when neoliberal concepts prevail in an asymmetric world, are the real causes of the impasse.

"The reality is that the Round has not been completed because several industrialized countries have refused to take the minimum commitments that these negotiations will require. No other reason affects with more determination the current impasse," said Madrigal.

She reiterated the urgent need to stop the proliferation of non-tariff measures by the most developed, in the form of technical barriers to trade.

Among these, she mentioned the sanitary barriers, private standards and unilateral actions that are inconsistent with the WTO principles.(Prensa Latina)