[:es]Details of the Legislature of Cuban Parliament to Be Provided[:]


Havana, Apr 12 .-The National Assembly of People”s Power of Cuba offered details on the installation on April 19 of its 9th Legislature, in which the President of the island will be elected.


In a press release, the Parliament specified that the constitutive session will begin at 09:00 local time, and the 605 deputies elected on March 11 will take an oath in the 168 Cuban municipalities; they were selected at the polls by 7,400,000 people, about 86 percent of those registered.

According to the source, the parliamentarians will meet with their respective certificates of election, a meeting in which they will choose from among their members the leadership of the National Assembly and the Council of State, a body composed of a President, a first Vice President, five Vice Presidents, a secretary and 23 members.

The Council of State is the organ of the National Assembly that represents it between one session and another and executes the agreements of this, it has a collegial character; its President is Head of State and Head of Government.

Cuban President, Raul Castro, ratified on December 21 that he will leave office this month, when the new Legislature begins.

When the National Assembly is constituted I will have finished my second and last term as Head of State and Government, and Cuba will have a new President, Castro assured at the closure of a plenary session of the Parliament. (Prensa Latina)