Demonstrations in Italy for peace in Ukraine and the Middle East (+Photos)

Rome, February 25.- Thousands of people participated in demonstrations called by the Italian Network for Peace and Disarmament, which spread yesterday throughout the country, in favor of the end of the conflicts in Ukraine and the Middle East.

A statement published this Saturday on the official site of that organization, relates among other demands “stopping the criminal madness of wars”, seeking a political solution to end the war between Kiev and Moscow, as well as “stopping the massacre”. and the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians” by Israel.

Groups such as the Coordinator for Constitutional Democracy, the Italian Women’s Union (UDI), the Italian General Confederation of Labor (CGIL), the National Association of Partisans of Italy (ANPI), as well as the environmental organizations Legambiente and Greenpeace, among others. Giorgio Zampetti, general director of Legambiente, expressed in statements to the press that “the world is experiencing a deep crisis marked by conflicts and wars that are causing innocent deaths, devastation and new forms of hatred and violence in different parts of the planet.”

“That is why today, together with many other civil society entities, we believed that it was essential to be present in the squares with our flags, to immediately ask for peace”, added Zampetti.

In the streets of the city of Milan, in the northern region of Lombardy, some five thousand protesters called for a ceasefire in Palestine, while in the Tuscan city of Florence a pacifist human chain of a thousand people stretched along the Arno River, from the Santa Trinidad bridge to the Carraia bridge.

Ilaria Lani, union leader of the CGIL in Florence, demanded during the event that “our country, as the Constitution says, be in the front line to repudiate war and build a policy of peace”.

Similar protests took place in the cities of Palermo, Naples and Turin, as well as in other major urban centers and in small towns throughout Italy, the source points out.

Nicola Ricci, general secretary of the CGIL in Campania, said that “a signal must be sent to reaffirm Europe’s role in building a path that leads to peace.”

“It is necessary to reduce military spending in favor of social spending and stop the arms industry, to rebuild a climate of coexistence and security for all people,” Ricci added during the demonstration in Naples. (Taken from Prensa Latina)