[:es]CULTISUR enterprise for shrimp farming overfulls productive plan in 2017[:]

[:es]The Enterprise for Shrimps Farming (CULTISUR) in Santa Cruz del Sur overfulfilled the productive plan for 2017 this Monday afternoon. The goal was to capture 1 440 ton and they overpassed the quantity in a ton. It shows the great effort of workers to perform enthusiastic roles in sustainable development of socialism in Cuba.

Manuel Matamoros la Rosa, a shrimp farmer at farm number five, stated to the reporter, in the name of his partners, their commitment to be better producers.

Armando Mayoral Cabrera, Ramón Aguilar Torres and Vicente Beritán Soler, bosses at farms three, four and five, respectively, expressed that to achieve this aim is too important the stability of feeding for crustaceans, seedtime, technical work and protection of farm cultivation pools to avoid illegalities.

In this enterprise unit, the best of the kind in Cuba, the industrial use of shellfish is over 90 percent, the conversion factor from 1.89 ton of feed per ton of shrimp is about 1.84. Fattening survival and yield per hectare also show faborable levels.

Now men and women from CULTISUR are working to obtain an ambicious but reachable objective, to get 1 500 ton before the end of the year. (Translated by Yaima Báez)

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