[:es]Cuba’s Preparations for General Elections Advance[:]


Havana, Feb 21.- The National Electoral Commission (CEN) in Cuba is making preparations for the general elections to be held on March 11 in the Caribbean island.


CEN member Marina Capó explained that more than 200,000 electoral authorities have being trained in order to ensure the quality and transparency of the consultation.

The preparations include the revision and updating of voters’ lists, the inclusion model, the organization of the reception work and the computation of the information, in addition to the necessary documentation for the voting day, Capó said.

After the last adjustments, about 24,470 polling stations were counted in the country, 141 of which were located in places with a high influx of people, such as hospitals, terminals and similar places.

More than 40 will operate in Havana, the member of the electoral commission said.

The particularity of this second stage is that those who are unable to vote in the polling station corresponding to their place of residence for medical problems, work or other reasons, may do so in any other place, she said.

In this case, those citizens should present their identity card or identification document of armed institutes, she stated.

The general elections will be held on March 11 to elect 605 legislators to the Parliament and 1,265 provincial delegates of the Popular Power, Capó said quoted by Radio Reloj station.

The CEN member stated that there will be two ballots, one green to elect the legislators to the Parliament, and another white for the delegates to the provincial assemblies of the Popular Power, who will exercise for a five-year mandate.

Then, the provincial assemblies will be constituted on March 25 and the President and Vice President will be elected.

The general elections were convened on June by the Council of State, in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution of the Republic and Law No.72 of October 29, 1992, Electoral Law. (Prensa Latina)