Cubans dedicate song in support of China’s coronavirus emergency

Beijing, Feb 7.- Cuban artists living in China performed a version of the song Tears in Heaven by British artist Eric Clapton in support of the people of this country, immersed today in a battle against the 2019-nCoV coronavirus epidemic.


Musicians and singers who live in the cities of Suzhou and Harbin produced a video with the song and accompanied it with images that show the tireless work of doctors in taking care of those who are sick.

The initiative is added to many gestures of solidarity that the Asian giant receives in the midst of the health emergency, during which at least 564 people died and another 28,60 are infected.

Earlier, the Cuban ambassador here, Carlos Miguel Pereira, broadcast a recorded message for the Phoenix TV channel, highlighting the commendable, responsible and top priority work carried out by the Communist Party, the government and the Chinese health authorities to prevent the spread of the virus.

He thanked the transparency of the information and the permanent update on the situation in different languages and assured that it allowed a better work of prevention and attention to the compatriots.

The diplomatic missions of Venezuela, Uruguay and El Salvador also expressed their support to the Asian giant, offering to help and accompany it to overcome such a difficult moment.

(Prensa Latina)