Cuban Theater Las Estaciones in its 25th Anniversary

Cuba, July 30 .-With the event entitled 25 years of puppets for all, Teatro de las Estaciones, a leading Cuban in the art of puppets, will celebrate a quarter of a century of foundation, reported in Matanzas.


Ruben Dario Salazar, Director of the group, told Prensa Latina that next August 12 will be held the commemoration starting in the gallery La Vitrina, the House of Scenic Memory (CME) of this western city with the exhibition 25 Portraits for 25 Augusts.

Afterwards, and in the same CME’ s Abelardo Estorino room, the theoretical colloquium Four authors for four seasons will be held, and guest speakers will include playwrights Vivian Martinez Tabares, Yamina Gibert, Marilyn Garbey and Norge Espìnosa.

After that event, a space dedicated to the presentation of the book 25 views of Las Estaciones, a collection of reviews, articles and essays on the work of this collective of Matanzas Editions, by the poet and director of that publishing house, Alfredo Zaldivar.

The Jose White concert hall will host the Three Seasons for Music, with pieces by the composers Raul Valdes, Hilda Elvira Santiago and Barbara Llanes, and then the Garden of Pelusin del Monte will be opened for the festivities at the closing.

Las Estaciones has its headquarters in the Pepe Camejo Hall in this tricentennial city, 100 kilometers east of Havana, where it was established five decades ago.

It is a puppetry group whose work is characterized by the rescue of the universal and national dramaturgy of the art of puppets, produces audiovisual and theoretical materials, and conducts exhibitions and workshops on the marvelous world of polichinelas.

Las Estaciones has won the most important prizes of the genre in festivals and competitions in the country, and has performed in puppet events in Mexico, Italy, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, United States, Spain, France and Denmark. (Prensa Latina)