[:es]Cuban Province Starts Beer Production[:]


Sancti Spiritus, Cuba, Sep 15 .-The factory-tavern of the Austrian beer Salm, based in Trinidad, in this central Cuban province, began the manufacturing tests with the production of three types of beers (light, medium and dark) and malt.


The preparation of the refreshing liquid is in charge of teachers and brewing specialists, and will last for about three weeks, since its preparation meets rigorous automated processes.

Reiner Rendon, delegate of the Ministry of Tourism in the territory, told Prensa Latina that the plant is part of the Santa Ana Complex, administered by Palmares, and also has a cafeteria, two bars, a restaurant, a grill, a table-buffet and two stores belonging to Empresa Comercial Caracol.

He said that the objective of the mini industry that was set up in the old Royal Prison, adjacent to Plaza Santa Ana, is to diversify the tourist offers and increase the foreign currency income of the entity.

The factory will employ about 40 workers and has the capacity to produce 200,000 liters a year of the Salm brand, a company founded in 1924.

Salm marketed more than 80 plants in about 40 countries from 1994 to 2012.

Up to now, in Cuba there are two other mini-breweries in Havana and Santiago de Cuba.

According to experts, beer is an alcoholic beverage, not distilled, with bitter taste, which is made with germinated barley grains or other cereals which starch is fermented in water with yeast and is often aromatized with hops, among other plants.