Cuban President rejects violence incited from the United States

Havana, Dec 9.- Vandalism, violence, crime and terrorism, that is the supposed US aid to Cuban people, President Miguel Díaz-Canel emphasized.


Through his Twitter account, the president shared an article in national newspaper Granma entitled ‘Behind old intentions, new terrorist acts’.

The text denounces the violent actions committed in this capital by people with criminal records incited by residents of the United States in exchange for money.

The newspaper refers to an audiovisual published the day before by Cuban television showing acts of sabotage and terrorism carried out in recent days as part of the soft coup script being applied on the island.

According to the local press, the objective of these actions is to provoke a social outbreak that induces more sanctions against Cuba, a civil war or provoke an intervention led by the United States.

On this matter, the television shared testimonies of the detainees Alejandro Cesaire and Manuel Arias, who admitted their ties with these people and committed vandalism in different parts of the capital.

Another example was made known by defendants Jose Osmani Bauta and Francisco Felipe, both coordinated and were going to assassinate two officers of the public forces in exchange for a thousand pesos each.

These actions of the intended soft coup are based on information or misinformation, as well as the creation of scenarios, they reiterated on Cuban television.

The island denounced the role of false news in social networks that is generated from media laboratories in the United States.

In fact, the northern country recently reported expenditures of more than 261 million dollars in subversion projects against Cuba from 1990 until this year.

The Cuba Money Project portal, by North American journalist Tracey Eaton, cited data from the Foreign Aid Explorer of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

According to the report, more than 124 million dollars went to the purpose described as ‘democratic participation and civil society’, about 38 million were labeled ‘human rights’ and 25 million were allocated to ‘media and free flow of information’. (Prensa Latina)