Cuban Meteorite to Offer Data on Origin of Universe

Havana, Feb 6 .- Preliminary analysis of the remains of the fallen meteorite in Cuba suggests that it is a chondrite, a rock that could provide information on the origin of the Universe, explained astrophysicist Oscar Alvarez.


After describing the fact of great scientific significance, Alvarez pointed out that so far remain studies do not provide significant data on the presence of carbon in the rock. Otherwise, he told Prensa Latina, we could know information about how life emerged in our planet.

From the astronomical point of view, he added, it will provide answers about the formation of our Solar System.

The scientist certified at the same time the most recent information offered by the U.S. space agency on the energy released by the space rock in the collision with the Earth, 1,400 tons of (TNT) trinitrotoluene.

The meteorite remains fell last Friday in Viñales town , in the western province of Pinar del Rio, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

He considered the recent event in Cuba to be of the first magnitude, since few meteorites fall in human presence. No damage or victims have been reported. (Prensa Latina)