Cuban FM condemned US Govt’s contempt for the Cuban people

Havana, Oct 29.- Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez affirmed that the strengthening of the blockade imposed by the United States Government on the island in times of pandemic shows its contempt for the Caribbean people.


Through his Twitter account, Rodríguez denounced the implications of the recent modifications announced by the US Department of the Treasury, which prevent the sending of money through northern companies with general licenses.

In this regard, he wrote: ‘The US coercive measures against our country and the attack on remittances are aimed at harming Cuban families.’

The day before, a press release from the Cuban financial institution Fincimex confirmed that the provisions directly attack family remittances, even when Washington spokesmen lie and try to show that the limitations are only for a specific entity.

These announcements, amid the Covid-19 pandemic, underscore the cynicism, contempt for the Cuban people and the opportunism of the US government, the statement said.

He adds that family remittances to the Caribbean island are continually politicized by the anti-Cuban extreme right, and that since September 2019 the United States government has applied coercive measures to restrict the flow of remittances.

Although the White House acts to damage these ties, the majority of Cuban emigrants in the northern nation support the existence of stable ties with their families, the entity says. Fincimex is in charge of the Cuban financial system to guarantee remittances to the island from the United States, which will be totally interrupted.

Among the affected North American counterparts is Western Union, whose 407 payment points distributed in the largest of the Antilles will close due to these provisions. (Prensa Latina)