Cuban company increases its honey exports

Sancti Spiritus, Cuba, Dec 29.- The honey processing plant in the Cuban province of Sancti Spiritus will contribute this year about 30 percent of the national production exported to the international market, reported a company executive.


Alberto Bravo, director of the enterprise, one of the most modern in Cuba, told reporters that it will close 2019 with nearly 3,000 tons of processed honey, out of some 8,000 tons achieved in the country.

Currently, most of the exportable product is packaged in 210-liter (55-gallon) tanks.

He explained that in order to expand sales, a line of ‘mini-dosis’ portions (19 grams) with packaging of Spanish origin was launched, with a maximum production capacity of around 5,000 units per day.

To comply with the country’s strategy to expand and achieve a better presence of exportable items, Bravo added, a new line will be launched next year to package the honey in more attractive and commercial formats.

This will allow the presentation of the products in a variety of containers for the foreign market and expand the offers to the tourism sector and local stores.

Honey and its derivatives are currently one of the most important exportable items of the Ministry of Agriculture’s Agroforestry Business Group, providing annual revenues of about 20 million dollars. (Prensa Latina)