Cuban children are vaccinated against Covid-19

Havana, Sep 16.- The Cuban pediatric population aged 11 to 18 is currently receiving its first dose of Covid-19 vaccines, while other territories joined the campaign on Wednesday, although children with uncompensated chronic diseases will be excluded for now.


Eastern Las Tunas, Holguin and Granma provinces will begin to administer the vaccine, while Mayabeque, Villa Clara and Camagüey did so on Tuesday, and eight other provinces have been receiving the vaccine since September 5.

Vaccinating children is important, Maria Elena Soto, head of the National Department of Primary Health Care, said during a recent speech, in which she stressed that the vaccine will not be administrated now to children who suffer from an acute infectious disease. They would be vaccinated later.

Soto explained that children receiving steroid treatments will have to wait to reduce its doses in blood before being vaccinated. Those who had an allergic reaction to thimerosal will be immunized later.

The national children’s vaccination campaign against Covid-19 started on September 5 in central Cienfuegos province and Isla de la Juventud special municipality.

(Prensa Latina)