Spaniards Protest at Catalan Parliament

Spaniards Protest at Catalan ParliamentMadrid, Jun 15. -Thousands of members of the 15-M Movement gathered Wednesday outside the Catalan parliament in Barcelona to prevent the approval of heavy budget cuts in this autonomous Spanish region.

The Outraged, as the members of this popular movement are known, blocked access to the building to prevent parliament members from entering.

Over 2,000 demonstrators blocked roads leading to the building located in the Parque de la Ciutadella, under the watch of some 400 antiriot troops of the Catalan police and the Urban Guard.

Demonstrators piled up trash cans, chains and fences at the gates, protesting planned budget cuts that would reduce public spending by 10 percent and elimiante social and health benefits.

According to the news reports, the Catalan Parliament began meeting late, with half of its representatives in the Chamber and in a climate of nervousness about the difficulties faced to reach the building.

The situation in Barcelona is extremely tense, with clashes between riot police and supporters of the 15-M Movement, mostly young young people, who were attacked when they tried to blocked the entry of police vehicles.

The 15-M Movement, named for a mass demonstration held in Spain on May 15, was born on the social networks as an expression of exasperation with what protesters considere to be a ruling class that is alienated from the masses. (Prensa Latina)